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Explore Michigan's coastline through the lens of recreational fishing. Charter boat businesses and captains from the Michigan Charter Boat Association offer an opportunity to get you out on the water to enjoy a day of fishing on the Great Lakes. Recreational fishing on the Great Lakes provides opportunities to enjoy offshore fisheries including Chinook or Coho Salmon, Steelhead (Rainbow Trout), Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout, and more. Nearshore waters of the Great Lakes also provide access to fun and flavorful fish like Yellow Perch and Walleye. Charter fishing captains reflect a wide wealth of knowledge, experience, and a few fun stories when it comes to fishing on the Great Lakes. Their services allow access to Great Lakes fishing for anyone willing to venture out on the water regardless of experience - and is a great way to learn about Great Lakes fish and fishing first-hand. 

Perch dinner after an afternoon on a Lake Erie fishing charter with Captain John of Straycat Charters
Perch dinner after an afternoon on a Lake Erie fishing charter with Captain John of Straycat Charters
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Through this program you can end your day of fishing with a fine meal at a local restaurant - enjoying the flavors of fresh fish that you have brought to the table! After a day of fishing, and even after the charter captain has helped to clean and filet your fish, one might might wonder about the many ways in which to prepare that fish for their next meal. Worse, one might worry about forgetting about those filets in the back or bottom of the freezer once returning home. These fish reflect valued and fun-to-catch recreational species - but they also present a great tasting food value too.  These Great Lakes fish, which are locally and sustainably harvested, are also nutritionally valuable too. So why not enjoy these fresh fish when they are freshly caught off the boat! 

Michigan State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan Charter Boat Association, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Michigan Restaurant Association are pleased to partner on Catch & Cook – an effort to promote and encourage creative, yet safe, marketing of Michigan Great Lakes sports fish through a partnership with the charter fishing industry and local restaurants.

Explore this interactive map or visit the Michigan Catch & Cook website to find and connect with participating charter boat captains and local restaurants in coastal communities across Michigan.

Source: Michigan Catch & Cook Program website

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