The Jordan River National Fish Hatchery  produces over 3.0 million lake and brook trout for restoration and recreational programs in the Great Lakes region annually. In addition to providing healthy high quality fish for fishery goals and targets, the staff assists a wide array of state, federal, tribal, and public partners with natural resource related projects and enhancements across the Midwest region.  The staff and volunteers offer tours, hiking trails along the picturesque Jordon River and special events.  Visit the website to learn more.

Jordon River Fish Hatchery
Jordon River Fish Hatchery Staff
Jordon River Fish Hatchery
Fish rearing facility.
Jordon River Fish Hatchery
Fisheries technical at work.
Fish transport
Jordon River Fish Hatchery transport truck.
Fish Hatchery staff
FWS staff at dock of M/V Spencer F. Baird
6623 Turner Road
Elmira, MI 49730-9313
GPS: 45.02639, -84.96541
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