Maritime South Haven 1900-1950

Maritime South Haven: 1900-1950

By Michigan Maritime Museum (2004)
Book (chapter 5) features commercial fishing  in South Haven, including images of fish, fishermen, and commercial fishing vessels. Full book description is provided by Arcadia Publishing, as follows
The period between 1900 and 1950 was a time of great change for the small lakeside village of South Haven. During this pivotal era, the town was transformed from a rough commercial port into a beautiful tourist attraction. Although South Haven is now entirely a recreational harbor, this compilation of archival photographs provides a glimpse of an earlier time when shipments of coal, stone, pig iron, paper pulp, and clay came to port instead of pleasure boaters. Showcasing the remarkable photography of Roy S. McCrimmon, Maritime South Haven: 1900–1950 documents South Haven's nautical heritage with images of large foreign freighters, hardy fish tugs, bustling passenger steamers, carefree pleasure cruisers, and sprightly sailboats.