Fishermen, Fishing Families, and Life on the Lakes
The Life of a Commercial Fisherman
Explore the life and stories of commercial fishermen through the families stories of those who fish on the Great Lakes.
Boats and Fishing Gear
Great Lakes Fishing Vessels Over Time
Short history of commercial fishing vessels.
The 'Turtle Back' Gill Net Tug
Explore the vessels, the fisherman, and the fishing stories of the iconic Great Lakes gill net tug through vessels on display at maritime museum exhibits, gill net vessels actively fishing, and community tours aboard historic gill net tugs.
Fish and Ecology
Invasive Sea Lamprey, A Slippery Great Lakes Fishery Issue
Explores invasive Sea Lamprey issues and impacts on Great Lakes fisheries, past and present
The Legendary Lake Whitefish
The flavorful Lake Whitefish is a valued fish at the heart of the Great Lakes commercial fishery - past and present.
Foodways - A Taste of the Great Lakes
A Taste of the Great Lakes
From fish markets to local restaurants, find your opportunity to enjoy a taste from the Great Lakes.