Fishtown Preservation Society

This book is a report on historic structure and site design in the Fishtown cultural landscape (Leland, Mich., Summer 2011)

Fishtown Preservation Society

Authors include Laurie Kay Sommers (Cultural Consulting), Eugene Hopkins (FAIA), Evan Hall (AIA), Mark Johnson (ASLA) and Jessica Neafsey (ALSA). published 2011 by Fishtown Preservation Society.

Book and report include following content:

  • Summary Overview of Fishtown History
  • Summary Site Recommendations
  • Significance Statement
  • Fishtown Period of Significance, 1903-1960
  • Fishtown Preservation Society Mission Statement
  • Methodology: The Fishtown Model
  • Project Data, Report Participants, and previous Research and Studies
  • Developmental History
  • Chronology of Development
  • Treatment and Work Recommendations

Additional copies of report may be available from Fishtown Preservation Society.