We will continue to lead in the enforcement, conservation and management of tribal natural resources by successfully and responsibly preserving the LTBB's sovereign right to hunt and fish, both on the inland lands and waters as well as commercial and subsistence fishing on the 1836 Great Lakes . We will wisely utilize our natural resources in order to promote, honor and respect our traditional, spiritual and physical relationship with the land and waters. We will implement management strategies that protect our resources on, above, below and within the land and waters for the future benefit of our Tribe. 


About Us

The Natural Resource Department provides many services and performs many duties for the LTBB membership. These services and duties include: issuing LTBB Inland Hunting/Fishing Licenses for LTBB Reservation, issuing Inland Hunting/Fishing Licenses for the 1836 Ceded Territory, issuing LTBB Commercial Fishing Licenses for the Great Lakes 1836 Treaty, gathering and analyzing Great Lake fish data; gathering and analyzing specific wildlife data, developing management, plans, strategies and regulations and enforcement of Tribal regulations within jurisdiction of the LTBB Tribe and Treaty Lands.