The mission of the Saugatuck-Douglas History Center is to preserve local history and inspire learning to inform and improve our community.

About Us

The Saugatuck-Douglas History Center (SDHC) was founded in 1986 as the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society and has grown to be a vibrant, 700-member strong organization that celebrates our community by exploring its history.

The History Center occupies an important position in the community's cultural and educational infrastructure. Our membership includes full-time and seasonal residents, the blend of which adds a uniquely cosmopolitan flavor to the local culture, amid the surrounding, largely rural, Allegan county.

The History Center provides leadership in enabling the community-at-large to connect with and understand its past, to preserve the quality of community life, and to respect and use the area's history to shape its future. History Center members have recognized that learning about their collective past is an excellent means of enriching their own lives in the present while at the same time making a wise long-term investment for the generations to come.

What We Do

  • Research to discover, collect and interpret local history in all its forms.
  • Archive historical objects, documents and ephemera.
  • Heritage preservation and education to protect important architecture and green space.
  • Exhibition and publication design to make history fresh and memorable.
  • Educational programing to engage children and adults, visitors and locals.

View the 2016-2021 SDHC Strategic Plan