Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery has produced lake trout for stocking into the Great Lakes since 1951. Lake trout restoration is coordinated by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (est. 1955) with key support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal, provincial, state, and tribal natural resource agencies. Pendills Creek NFH produces up to 1 million lake trout yearlings for spring stocking into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron each year. Visit the website to learn more!

Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) in the 1930s and utilized by the U.S. Forest Service until World War II. Sullivan Creek became a sub-station of Pendills Creek NFH in 1959. Sullivan Creek NFH is a dedicated pathogen free lake trout brood station and produces up to eight million lake trout eyed eggs for shipment to other federal, state, and tribal facilities for the Great Lakes Lake Trout Restoration Program. Retired and excess lake trout brood are stocked into inland lakes for recreational fishing opportunities.  Visit the website to learn more!

Pendill Creek Fish Hatchery
Aerial view, Pendill Creek Fish Hatchery
Pendill Creek Fish Hatchery
Pendill Creek Fish Hatchery
Pendill Creek Fish Hatchery
The equipment is ready for the next hauling of lake trout yearlings.
Counting fingerlings.
Youth Corps workers assist staff in counting Lake trout fingerlings.
Marking of Fingerlings
Lake trout fingerlings ready for Internal and external tags.
Fish tanker- Pendill Creek
Lake trout fingerlings are transported in the hatchery's tanker truck
Sign-Sullivan Creek
Welcome Sign-Sullivan Creek Fish Hatchery
Lake trout-brood stock
Biologist ready to transfer Lake Trout brood stock to tanker truck.
Sullivan Creek- Tanker
Sullivan Creek tanker ready to load.

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