SV Steelhead
SV Steelhead collects samples in deep water.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
SV Pimephales
The 23 foot Pimphales is used for near shore sampling.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Since 1967, the State of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources has maintained a research station on Lake Michigan at Charlevoix, to fulfill the mission with emphasis on aquatic resources of Lake Michigan and its tributaries. This station was the first state-operated research facility dedicated to fisheries assessment work on the Great Lakes. The station facilities include a 63' survey vessel S/V Steelhead for off-shore assessment work, a 23' boat (the S/V Pimephales) for near-shore work, as well as laboratory areas and equipment.  Learn more at their website!


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96 Grant Street
Charlevoix, MI 49670
GPS: 45.31899, -85.2641
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