The Beaver Island Marine Museum is one of the The Beaver Island Historical Society's interpretive sites on the island. It's location is authentic - a historic net shed built in 1906 by Shing Martin on the shore of St. James Harbor. Museum exhibits tell the story of the busy days on the harbor when the shipping of lumber and commercial fishing were the mainstays of island industry.  

Undercover the restoration of the wooden fish tug  50' fish tug Bob S. is ongoing, and visitors can walk aboard to view the workings of a gill netter.  Other commercial fishing vessels include the trap net tug, The Miss Bay City; and The Nancy, which way possibly have been used as a pound net boat at some point.

Inside the Marine Museum you can explore exhibits including:

  • The Martin Net Shed - its history and about the Martin family
  • Beaver Island Fishing Fleet - including fishing vessels and fishing families
  • Fishing family stories, including local oral histories
  • The Wooden Boats Afloat traveling exhibit (on display 2018)
  • Beaver Island's local boat builders
  • Examples of fishing gear and artifacts

Bookstore offers several local publications about local Island history and fisheries heritage available for purchase.

Fishtug Bob S.
The Fishtug Bob S. while in service.
Bob S. at the Marine Museum
The 50' fish tug Bob S. is sheltered next to the Marine Museum.
Beaver Island Historical Society Marine Museum
Beaver Island Historical Society Marine Museum
Laurie K. Sommers
Beaver Island Historical Society Marine Museum boats
Beaver Island Historical Society Marine Museum boats: Bob S and Miss Bay City
Laurie K. Sommers

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Hours: 11 AM to 5 PM and 1-4 PM Sunday, Mid June thru September 1; 2-5 PM Thursday to Saturday and 1-4 PM Sunday
38105 Michigan Avenue
St. James, MI
GPS: 45.74787, -85.50893
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