Fishtown Preservation Society

Fishtown: Leland, Michigan's History Fishery

This book by author Laurie Kay Sommers, tells the story of this beloved place’s past and present through the remembrances of the commercial fishermen and ferry captains who have worked out of Fishtown for well over a century. There are harrowing tales of rough seas, near misses and devastating losses, and the reasons why so many fishermen would choose this life all over again. She also shares the story of a community determined not to lose this historic and picturesque attraction, and the successful efforts of a non-profit organization to purchase and care for a key portion of Fishtown. Numerous photographs of Fishtown illustrate the text. Fishtown: Leland, Michigan’s Historic Fishery is available for $19.95 at the Fishtown Preservation office (231-256-8878 / 203 E Cedar Street, Leland), the Fishtown Welcome Center in Fishtown.