Fishtown in Leland, Michigan, is one of the few remaining commercial fishing complexes on the Great Lakes. The historic fishing village allows visitors to learn about Great Lakes commercial fishing and maritime traditions and experiences. A collection of opportunities abound at Fishtown - learn about fisheries while you shop, enjoy fine fisheries meals, and experience a historic working waterfront and active commercial fishery.


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Leelanau Historical Society Museum (Click to show on map)
Local historical museum with an archive that includes oral interviews with commercial fisherman and historic photographs of Fishtown and fishing industry.
Carlson's Fishery (Click to show on map)
Fresh and smoked fish retail market and wholesaler
Fish Tug Janice Sue (Click to show on map)
Historical Fishtugs Janice Sue and Joy
The Cove Restaurant (Click to show on map)
Waterfront dining at this restaurant in Leland, Mich. offers Great Lakes fish menu options.
Bluebird Restaurant & Tavern (Click to show on map)
A riverfront restaurant the historic Fishtown community that serves local Great Lakes fish dishes.
Fishtown Welcome Center (Click to show on map)
Fishtown Welcome Center
Fishtown Preservation Administrative Offices (Click to show on map)
Non-profit owning and managing Leland's Fishtown property.
Fishtown (Click to show on map)
Fishing Heritage Site
Reelin Leland Fishing Charters (Click to show on map) Info
Fishtown Charter Service (Click to show on map) Info
Far Fetched/Northwest Charters (Click to show on map) Info
Cove Restaurant (Click to show on map) Info
The Riverside Inn & Restaurant (Click to show on map) Info
More Information
Book and oral history of fishing history and heritage, values, issues, and user conflicts on Lake Michigan
Book documenting the historic fishery of Fishtown in Leland, Mich.
What unpredictable paths may lead to a fisherman's life?
When the Carlson family, associated with Fishtown for more than 100 years, almost abandoned fishing
book and oral history, sharing voices from the Leland Fishery at Fishtown, 1940-2006

Affiliated Organization: Fishtown Preservation Society