This book summarized oral histories from the Leland Fishery at Fishtown (1940-2006), by Amanda Holmes and Daniel Stewart


Published by Fishtown Preservation Society (2009), this book serves as a published report prepared for NOAA/NMFS Office of Sustainable Fisheries, NOAA Michigan Sea Grant Program, and the Fishtown Preservation Society. Contents of book includes illustrations, maps, and many great images. Chapters include voices from Fishtown fishers, past and present, on these topics:

  • Instability in the System - The  Changing Biology of the Lake Michigan Fishery
  • An Unfair Deal - Government Actions in the Lake Michigan Fishery
  • A Lot of Misconceptions - The Recognition of Tribal Fishing Rights
  • Born into you - Commercial Fishing on Lake Michigan
  • They're Going to Catch Fish - Sportfishing on Lake Michigan
  • It's Still Fishtown - Fishtown, the Place