The Fishtown Preservation offices are the administrative center for the  not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historical integrity of Fishtown and ensuring that it continues as a publicly accessible and authentic connection to local and regional history, Great Lakes commercial fishing, and maritime traditions and experiences.  Fishtown Preservation interprets the site, manages its preservation and oversees the small businesses that are located within its boundaries. F

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Hours: Open Year Round. 9 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday
203 East Cedar Street
Leland, MI 49654
GPS: 45.02148, -85.75914
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Book documenting the historic fishery of Fishtown in Leland, Mich.
Book, and report on historic structures and site design in the Fishtown cultural landscape (Leland, Mich., Summer 2011)
book and oral history, sharing voices from the Leland Fishery at Fishtown, 1940-2006