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A guide book exploring Great Lakes invasive species, including: What they are, where they are found, and what you can do related to this issue.

This book is published by Adventure Publications, who provides this book description:

Aquatic invasive species have invaded the Great Lakes. Now, they are poised to invade thousands of lakes, rivers, and streams. We must stop the invasion! This handy, full-color guide by Wildlife Forever spotlights 44 aquatic invasive species, divided into three categories: invertebrates, plants, and fish. Get the details on how they live, grow, reproduce, and spread. Learn how they impact you, your environment, and the economy. Invaders of the Great Lakesoffers tips for stopping aquatic hitchhikers, QR Codes that link to web pages with even more details, and other important information. Armed with this knowledge, you can help to protect our inland waters, keeping your favorite fishing spots and lakeshores healthy.

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