Every fish Gauthier & Spaulding catch and process reflects a hundred years of experience.

"It’s been more than a hundred years since John Gauthier’s ancestors began fishing in the Great Lakes near Two Rivers, Wisconsin. He was about 10 years old when he started working gill tugs with his family near Fairport on the Garden Peninsula in northern Lake Michigan. He remembers how sick he used to get on rough days, but he kept at it. He met Tom Spaulding in high school; the two became best friends, and John taught Tom to fish." 

Tom and John retired from fishing in 2015, selling their operation which now fishes out of Harrisville and where you will often find The Norseman in harbor (or returning to harbor with a fresh catch of fish). 


521 W Park Dr
Rogers City, MI 49779
GPS: 45.40946, -83.81845
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