To promote the development, conservation and protection of the Commercial Fishing Industry in the State of Michigan; to foster just and fair laws affecting the Commercial Fishing Industry in the State of Michigan, and a just and fair administration thereof; to promote improvements in methods of catching and marketing fish and fish products and the protection of members against unscrupulous and unreliable fish dealers; to collect and distribute information and statistics of educational and economic value to Association members and to the public in general; to work for better harbor accommodations and navigational and other aids to fishing, and in general for the protection of the interests of the Michigan Commercial fishermen (link to online website source).

About Us

The Michigan Fish Producers Association is a professional business association reflecting affiliated commercial fishing operators, partner organizations, and allied industries. 

Visit the Michigan Fish Producer's Association to learn more about this professional association, learn more about the Great Lakes, the fish and the fishermen. The website also offers information about where to buy fish (and recipes, too).

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Gauthier & Spaulding Fisheries, Inc.
Every fish Gauthier & Spaulding catch and process reflects a hundred years of experience.
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Local commercial fishery and fish market
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The Fish Monger's Wife
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