Located at the Discovery Center and Pier, The Maritime Heritage Alliance's fleet of traditional boats includes two that were an integral part of the 19th century commercial fishing. The 20 foot Gracie L is a Mackinaw boat a seaworthy and versitile open boat often used for fishing on the near the shores of the Great Lakes. The Euro-American and Native American residents worked the near-shore fisheries with Mackinaw boats and salted their catches for transport to markets in the Eastern United States.  The Schooner Madeline (usually at Discovery Pier)  is a reconstruction of of small trading schooner that ran along the shores for the Great Lakes picking up the fishermen's barrels of salted fish and carrying them to market. learn more visit their website!

Gracie L
Mackinaw Boat - Gracie L
Maritime Heritage Alliance
Schooner Madeline under sail.
Maritime Heritage Alliance

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